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The Second issue is OUT NOW!

Click the front cover below to take a peek.

The world of golf, like you have never seen it before!

At Golfin Mag, we think differently, that's what makes us different! One of us has loved golf all his life, one of us hated it. Together, we made a magazine, and together we are shaking up the golfing world. 

Here at Golfin Mag we appreciate and respect the traditions and values on which the sport was founded. However failing to embrace the 21st century golf remains stuck firmly in the 1700s where it began. The concept of golf has failed to evolve; the game still encompasses the same stereotypical brand, the same magazine features, and the same old stories. Our urban take on the sport makes it more accessible for people who would not consider it from a different social class. Golf is a game for anyone and everyone. It's a game for people from the most unconventional backgrounds.  

The Golfin brand is just that, unconventional. It's about non-conformists’, quirky personalities and professionals withan urban edge. It's about respect, acceptance, and thinking freely. 

In short, Golfin Mag is set to uncover a hidden side of golf, more fun and creative than you could have possibly imagined.

What makes us different?

Get your pen and paper ready, uniqueness, respect, and honesty. These are the values we base our magazine on, and that's how we're going to be different. We are non-conformists', not afraid to give our opinion regardless of the confrontation, yet this does not mean we forget how to say our please’ and thank you’s.

We have surrounded ourselves by top industry professionals in order to get an insider’s view of the golfing world. We've also dug up experts from other fields to give us a unique take on the sport, and listened to people from all walks of life to understand what golf means to them.

Living up to our urban brand, Golfin Mag will be distributed solely online, embracing modern technology to target an audience across the globe. We are not solely aiming to attract the 'stereotypical' retired man who sits in his armchair reading paper magazines; we're targeting anyone, of any age, anywhere in the world. 

Golfin Mag can be downloaded on any internet enabled device, and with billions of iPhones, iPads, smartphones, tablets, e-books and computers located around the world. We can tap into the massive global golf following and provide an unrivalled social media experience. Through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, our interactive features, photo-shoots, videos and quirky articles will engage our readers in an unparalleled way, attracting subscribers in markets from multiple countries.

For those times when technology is not available, and for nostalgic reasons too we offer subscribers the option to pre-order a physical copy of each issue should they prefer.